Coming Soon…Venus Unbridled / The Pleasure Body

I have gone from neophyte to futurist in the realm of sexual evolution in the short span of four years. My education has left me convinced that all women are physiologically designed orgasmic beyond their wildest dreams, not just a lucky few. We just haven’t been given a viable map yet. So I have taken it upon myself to chart the way. It is time to illuminate the world’s greatest untapped resource – female sexual energy. This book, a fusion of memoir and instructional, is my contribution.

Preface – Vag-Om!

Sometime in the early 90’s, I happened to be hosting a women’s group in my home in Beverly Hills. We were all seated cross-legged on the floor, in a circle, when suddenly the solid bleached pine slats melted beneath us into an enormous liquid rolling wave that traversed the entire room. I was awestruck. Witnessing this earthquake solidified my belief in quantum physics. I watched matter transform into a wave and actually saw how waves and particles, energy and molecules, could be interchangeable.

Reflective of the sheer poetry of life, this type of polarized surface wave in seismic vernacular happens to also be called a love wave, after Augustus Edward Hough Love, a German scientist in the early 1900’s.

In retrospect, I recognize the symbolism and significance of that event, heralding a time in the distant future when I would experience that same wave in my own body – my own love wave. And how that would in turn awaken my passion to guide women to awaken that same wave within themselves.

On April 17, 2013 I became heaven incarnate for an entire week, with aftershocks that sustained for months. I actually experienced quantum mechanics alive in me, as orgasmic waves moving endlessly through my body, transmuting my particles into the vibrating energy of indescribable bliss and love. This was without doubt the most profoundly spiritual, transformative experience of my life. Orgasm rewired me into the most authentic expression of myself. Orgasm brought me home. I knew then and there that all of Creation is expanding in blissful orgasmic waves and that I had somehow managed to plug into that universal principle. I understood orgasm for what it was designed to be – the ultimate evolutionary alchemical ingredient to catalyze matter into greater love.