Urgent Focus

In the wake of recent developments, we have expanded the scope of the foundation to include providing exit counseling for defectors of NXIVM. NXIVM has been described as an extreme cult and since allegations of branding and sex slavery have been reported in the media, hundreds of members have defected.

According to Dr. Daniel Shaw who has treated over a dozen defectors,” I’ve been doing this work for many years. I am nevertheless aghast at the level of contempt for women and cruelty toward women that is at the rotten core of this group. Raniere (nxivm’s founder) succeeds in fulfilling his sadistic need to enslave others through a kind of battering, his twisted rationales convincing followers, and not just the women, that self-torture and torture of others builds character. In fact, what he does is utterly self-serving, exploiting others entirely to feed the delusion of his own omnipotence. Those who have been brainwashed with Raniere’s hateful ideas about women will need time to free themselves from their conditioning, to be able to respect and trust themselves again.” 


Cult Exit Recovery

When defectors leave an extreme cult, they are often in a state of acute trauma. Many are suffering from symptoms such as PTSD, paranoia of the outside world, severe phobias, and limited critical thinking. They have debilitated vocational skills, they have often been alienated from family and isolated from any support network. They are most likely financially broke and often in debt. They have fear of speaking with law enforcement, often as a result of cult indoctrination and severe intimidation.

They often require a period of healing and recovery where they can unpack what has happened to them, organize their thinking and need time to educate themselves. Education is a key component to recovery.

Ideally, we would provide safe houses for defectors who don’t have anywhere to go. The fact that they are financially destitute is a factor why many remain trapped in the abusive environment of the cult.

Cult recovery experts who currently working with Catherine’s foundation.

Dr. Donnie Whitsett – LA

Dr. Daniel Shaw – NY

Roseanne Henry LCP – CO

Dr. Rachel Bernstein – LA

Rick Ross – NJ


Our objective is to spearhead and craft new legislation to protect people against destructive cults. We need to lobby for stricter regulations when it comes to uninformed consent, undue influence and coercive control. Currently the laws protect the perpetrators, not the victims.