LifeTime TV Series – I Married A Princess
January 12, 1981
One of the quintessential 1980s prime-time soaps, "Dynasty" follows the gloriously over-the-top trials and tribulations of the fabulously wealthy and none-to-nice Carrington and Colby clans. Come for the catfights, stay for the shoulder pads and scenery chewing.
The Lair of the White Worm
September 14, 1988
On a farm owned by Eve Trent (Catherine Oxenberg) and her sister Mary (Sammi Davis), young archaeologist Angus Flint (Peter Capaldi) discovers a large and inexplicable skull, which he soon deduces belonged to the D'Ampton Worm.
Sleeping Beauty
May 13, 2014
Princess Beauty is cursed by an evil queen to an eternal slumber on the eve of her 16th birthday, and the curse can be broken only by true love's kiss.
Acapulco H.E.A.T.
September 28, 1993
A top-secret unit fights international crime and terrorism.
The Omega Code
October 15, 1999
Two men (Casper Van Dien, Michael York) with conflicting agendas each seek a prophetic cryptogram written on a page from a murdered rabbi's notebook.
I Married a Princess
Behind the scenes look at the life of actors Catherine Oxenberg and Casper Van Dien.
February 19, 1989
An adman (William Katt) and his sidekick find women (Catherine Oxenberg, Nia Peeples) on the beach to model a client's line of swimsuits.
The Vector File
An innocent child unknowingly possesses a document containing the code for a mutant strain of smallpox.
The Miracle of the Cards
November 10, 2001
A mother makes a plea on her cancer-stricken son's behalf for a record-setting number of get-well missives.
The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation
November 28, 2010
Zeus (Mario López) and a French poodle (Paris Hilton) must save the day when inept thieves strike during the holidays.
Sexual Response
A talk-radio sexologist (Shannon Tweed) lets herself go with a sculptor (Emile Levisetti) but not with his scheme to kill her husband (Vernon Wells).
Harlequin Romance Series
September 25, 1994 (USA)
A photojournalist (Emma Samms) falls for the eldest son (Bruce Greenwood) in a family she has tied to her brother's murder.
October 26, 2000
The police track (Michael Paré, Eric Roberts) a serial killer whose theme is "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."
Charles and Diana: Unhappily Ever After
Turmoil among family members helps cause a rift between the Prince (Roger Rees) and Princess (Catherine Oxenberg) of Wales.
The Collectors
The head of the Louisiana Mafia sends two mobsters (Casper Van Dien, Rick Fox) to New York on a dangerous assignment to collect money.
Road Rage
A hitchhiker (Danielle Brett) gets a ride from a mysterious driver (Casper Van Dien) who plays cat-and-mouse games with another trucker.
July 1, 1991
A reckless police detective (Chris Mulkey) teams up with a computer scientist (Catherine Oxenberg) and her high-tech dog, Niner.
Roman Holiday
A princess (Catherine Oxenberg) slips away with a U.S. newsman (Tom Conti) in Rome, providing a scoop caught on camera by his buddy (Ed Begley Jr.).
The Psychic
Following a robbery at the Gamma Star Corporation, Detective Jack Barnes (Casper Van Dien) heads to their office building to investigate, only to find a new burglary taking place. A group of masked thugs with automatic weapons flees the scene, and in the ensuing car chase, Barnes gets into an accident.
Deadly Game
December 11, 1998
A street-wise boy (Ryan de Boer) who witnessed a murder helps a down-on-his-luck policeman (Tim Matheson) thwart criminals.
American Princess
August 7, 2005
Twenty young women arrive in New York City to begin their dream of becoming an American Princess.
Arthur's Quest
In an attempt to save young Arthur from the sorceress Morgana (Catherine Oxenberg), Merlin (Arye Gross) transports him to present-day America.
Watch Over Me
December 6, 2006
A woman and two men are embroiled in a love triangle.