Sexology is the destination for individuals who wish to further their sexual education – beyond elementary school & porn – providing a global network for resources for sexual healing and awakening, while seeking to uncover and illuminate the ultimate sexual potential of human beings.

Dr. William Masters (of the famed duo, Masters and Johnson) embarked on his scandalous sexual research in the early 1960’s. He was quoted as saying, “Nobody knows anything about sex…Sex is still unchartered territory.” Well, 60 years later, it seems that we have barely scratched the surface of our sexual potential. We are clueless of the power of our sexual energy and our body’s capacity for infinite, regenerative ecstasy. The female body remains a hotly debated mystery.

The statistics are shocking: 70% women do not climax during intercourse, 30% have NEVER experienced an orgasm, the biggest complaint in America is low libido amongst women. The truth is that ALL women are naturally orgasmic. we just haven’t been given the right maps! Most people have never even heard of vestibular bulbs, urethral sponges or vaginal numbness. Believe us, they are all worth learning about!

“Sexual energy is available to all of us all the time, but most of us starve ourselves and believe we can satisfy this need with a few minutes of intercourse” – Mantak Chia

Our quest is to combat sexual illiteracy. The discoveries we made are startling.

Be prepared, our curriculum is a complete reinvention of sex as most of us know it.

The playing field of embodied bliss is infinite, let us take you there…

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