Body of Bliss

It is every woman’s nature to be orgasmic, not as a localized genital sneeze, but as a whole body, radically life-affirming transformative experience.

Once a woman taps into her infinite sexual potential and experiences orgasm as a whole body phenomenon, it has the power to transform her in every way.

It is this deep bliss that can nourish all areas of her life so that she can live from abundance and overflow, rather than overwhelm and depletion.

I have found there is an unexplored connection between orgasm and aliveness.

The moment that I discovered that every inch of my body was capable of sublime states of ecstasy, I was motivated to educate myself and others to uncover the full potential of sexual energy and to fully understand the journey of embodied activation. I had

previously been ignorant of the human body’s infinite capacity for bliss and how that bliss is a powerful transformational tool for healing and awakening.

Our mission is to create a community of individuals seeking to embody their full potential through an exploration of what it means to be fully alive.

We are building a directory of experts recognized in the field of sexual activation and body-centered wisdom, as well as the many modalities that can help us to embody our full aliveness, so we can achieve a more purposeful, joyful, empowered, vibrant, fulfilled existence.

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