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Catherine and her daughter India are excited to announce the launch of Healix¹⁸⁰, a resource hub for recovery and healing from trauma. Healix¹⁸⁰ showcases thought leaders and explores evidence-based modalities that offer hope for people struggling with PTSD. We are on the threshold of a mental health and wellness revolution! Discover the world of Healix¹⁸⁰, which includes all information about the Catherine Oxenberg Foundation. Get in touch with us! Learn more here.

Did you know that the largest population of people suffering

from PTSD are female survivors of sexual trauma? 

It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of women on the planet have experienced some form of sexual violence, with a significant percentage of survivors suffering with debilitating symptoms of PTSD.

The Catherine Oxenberg Foundation (COF) has customized the Healix Immersion Program, a specialized combination of therapies based on a biopsychosocial model providing treatment for female survivors of sexual trauma. Our goal is to establish a gold standard for trauma survivors in a retreat setting, which includes comprehensive post-integration and continuing care. Learn more here about the foundation, learn more here about our retreats!

In March 2023, we launched our first 7-month pilot program. Two more retreats are planned for later this year, one of which will be in collaboration with Heroic Hearts Project to treat female veterans who have suffered military sexual violence (MSV). 

We are looking to roll-out more retreats in 2024. Interested in collaborating? Please get in touch!

We are deeply grateful for any and all donations that help support our cause. If you would like to contribute, follow this link!