About Catherine

I was born in Manhattan, NYC, on September 22, sometime during the last century. I grew up in London, have a mostly British accent – but not a drop of British blood – returned to the USA to go to St. Paul’s School at the age of 15, graduated Summa Cum Laude, was admitted to Harvard University, took a year off to work, moved to NYC to study improv with Stanley Zareff, was signed by Ford Models and transferred to Columbia University to study mythology. That about sums up chapter 1.

In 1982, I was cast as Diana, Princess of Wales, in the biographical film The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana. This caused quite a stir amongst several royal families of Europe, after all I was a relative and it was deemed impudent to impersonate one of our own. My mother, HRH Princess Elizabeth of the country formerly known as Yugoslavia, reached out to Prince Charles, her second-cousin, to ask him for his blessing. His response, unlike some other cousins was, “Well, they are going to make the film regardless, at least Catherine can bring dignity to the role.” With that endorsement, I embarked on an acting career that spanned 30 years, and although I was never invited back to Buckingham Palace, I can’t say I had any regrets.

I took a brief sabbatical in Spain after getting engaged to a swashbuckling polo player, but fled to LA when he asked me to choose between acting and marriage. At the end of 1983, Aaron Spelling cast me in the role of Amanda Carrington on the 80’s hit TV series Dynasty. Whereupon he pinched my cheek and declared, “I’m going to make you a star.” I had arrived in the land of golden cliches. A few years later, he declared, “You’ll never work in this town again.”

Over the next few decades, I continued to act, gave birth to my first child India in 1991, got married to actor Casper Van Dien in 1999, had 2 children with him, Maya and Celeste, and inherited 2 more children Grace and Cappy. We all ended up co-habiting in a sprawling property in Malibu until 2015 when Casper and I separated and were subsequently divorced.

I appeared in various films such as Ken Russell’s cult classic Lair of the White Worm, The Omega Code and Miracle of the Cards for which I won a MovieGuide best actress award, other credits include hosting Saturday Night Live.

In 2005, I took a departure from acting, and ventured into the unscripted world, when I enrolled my entire blended family in I Married a Princess, on Lifetime TV. The title of the show was a humorous poke at my royal heritage.

Casper and I co-authored Royal Exile, a script about my grandfather H.R.H Prince Paul of Yugoslavia’s heroic efforts to save his country from the Nazis.

I started authoring a blog in 2010, which provided a much needed outlet to articulate my burgeoning voice.

In 2012, at 51, I hit a wall. I was shut down and disconnected from my body, unable to access my primal feminine power. It was at this mid-point in my life that I decided “no more.” This ignited a quest to combat sexual illiteracy – my own. I enlisted my husband, in conjunction with experts and healers, and learned that the female body was designed for infinite bliss. I went from feeling broken and defective to whole, perfect and complete almost overnight. There had never been anything wrong with my hardware, just a small glitch in the programming. The moment I experienced my sexuality as a whole body phenomenon, I knew unequivocably that this was the key to female sexual fulfillment. Women are meant to be turned on by everything. This is not an endorsement for promiscuity, but an endorsement of our potential for aliveness.

I knew I had to share this life-changing information with other women, this was  not just about sex, it was about improving the quality of one’s entire life. A woman’s sexual essence, once unleashed,  infuses every aspect of her life with more love, more creativity, more joy, more vitality.  If it was possible for me to make this shift, I knew it had to be possible for every woman who desired to. After all, I had considered myself a lost cause.

I created the film “Sexology,” a documentation of my helping a friend, actress Gabrielle Anwar, through this same healing experience. Together, we traveled the world, meeting and working with sexual experts, to help free her from childhood sexual trauma.The film is my first offering. My desire is to provide a full-spectrum approach to sexual education.

This journey was born of a nagging and pervasive sense- one that I believe most women experience, one that I couldn’t quite put my finger on- that there was something more to life. It didn’t matter how successful I was in other areas of my life – somehow, I recognized, deep down, that there was something intrinsically missing. My ability to access my full potential was inextricably linked to my ability to tap into my body’s full potential: A body that remained, after decades navigating this planet, uncharted territory. By exploring and uncovering the mysteries of the female body, I transformed.  I no longer live from depletion and overwhelm, instead I live from surplus and overflow.

It is now my mission to share this with other women.