We are all winners! (originally published for The Daily Word)

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My father passed away last June, suffering severely from vascular dementia. His most frequent ‘mantra’ was “This has never happened before in the history of the world!” It wasn’t until after his death, that I fully understood the importance of his words.

This is an extraordinary, unprecedented time in human history – a time of transformation, when every single human being on the planet has the opportunity to align with their soul’s purpose and to claim their unique gift.

And why is that possible now? The answer is – because finally there is enough light anchored on the planet and, enough light beings linked, connected and working together.

We have reached the tipping point! We are past the point of no return!

Consider yourselves all winners!

What if what is happening on the planet has never happened before?

What if we have just succeeded where previous civilizations failed?
– Sacred texts in every culture attest to this.

What we are talking about is planetary awakening. Not just a select few; we are talking about EVERYONE!

I can feel it. I can feel the shift in my body, in my heart, in my mind.

It’s a knowing no longer based on a wing and a prayer. It is an intense, intrinsic, visceral knowing – with every cell and pore of my being –

I have found a way to reconnect to the light of my soul, and if I can do it, everyone must be doing it– My inner landscape likened a coastline after a devastating tsunami – or Humpty Dumpty after his great fall, when none of the king’s horses or the king’s men could put poor Humpty back together again!
I am now plugged into a wellspring that exceeds my limited, mortal capacity. What use to be a trickle, now feels like an expansive, tingling, benevolent river of energy flowing through my body, from head to toe.

The overflow from this wellspring has ignited a birthing – a birthing of my gift.

Each and every one of us came here carrying a unique piece of Creation. That piece, that particular ray, has an inexorable need to culminate through us and express itself in and through our bodies, as loving action.

This is our soul’s purpose.

Our ray of light, when refracted through our physical being, illuminates a unique perspective.

This is our gift.

All that is being asked of us is that we awaken this precious gift, nurture it, protect it, honor it, find a practice that facilitates embodying it on a daily basis, share it with each other, and with the world.

This is our job, our service, and our ministry.

Each one of us is a key and we have the ability to unlock each other’s mastery. It is a win/win process. We are all peers.

We are all here to shine, to emanate and to link to each other through our hearts, extending as a web of light and encircling our beautiful planet, like a shield of illuminated lifestreams.

For all of us who have incarnated at this moment in space and time, we are either the luckiest or the most blessed and honored souls in all of Creation, to deserve this incredible opportunity!

We all have front row VIP passes to the Universe’s most coveted event – the coming of age of the human race!

This the moment we get to emerge as radiant beings of light, celestial emissaries in human form; overflowing with love, for ourselves, for each other and for Source.

Everyone is invited to the party! And everyone gets to wear the crown!

I am bursting with joy and I am so grateful to be alive!


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14 thoughts on “We are all winners! (originally published for The Daily Word)

  1. Love this! The name of my church is The Awakening, and my pastor said friday, “I feel like we will all begin to feel individual awakenings” It’s true it’s a unique time in history. I like to think of it as Heaven on earth. Angelic visitations, supernatural transformation, physical healing. A time where all things are possible. I see it as stepping into destiny! I like what you said about our gifts, “A time of transformation, when every single human being on the planet has the opportunity to align with their soul’s purpose and to claim their unique gift.” Later you said like a ministry.. this has been my thinking over the last year. Love hearing this Catherine, I’m tracking with you! :)xo

  2. Yes I agree with you totally. This is the time of the LIGHT. This is why I am in a harry to spread my book The Motivating Story and The Bright Cards allover the world. This is the gift I received, and this is the knowledge I want to share out of ease, joy, and fun. GOOD LIGHT TO ALL OF US Michal.O

  3. S p e e c h l e s s.

    We see your light and you send it out with love each time you share. THANK YOU! :))))

  4. Following searching Yahoo I found your site. I think both are great and I is going to be advent back again to you and them in the long term. Thanks

  5. Hello my love. I loved this on the Daily Word Blog and it feels right at home, here on your blog. I just love you and the way you write. Thank you for these past Twelve years. I am so happy to be in the midst of your awakening and realizations. It feels as though I am getting sucked up into the vortex of your spiritual enlightenment and it is Bliss. It almost feels like I snuck on board undetected and now that I am this stowaway on your vessel of truth and discovery I actually have to earn my keep. It is very exciting. I adore you. I thank you. I am honored that you have let me into your world. A world that is so rich with insights and juicy with love & understanding. I apologize for the moments that I have faltered and fallen behind, but I am eternally grateful to be able to share the path with you on this, our journey together, into the unknown… Happy Anniversary Catherine. My Love.

  6. Thank you for this, Catherine. You have expressed brilliantly something I, too, have been feeling for some time. Thank you for the shining Light you and Casper share so generously. You are awesome!

  7. Wow, my Mom passed of the exact same thing this past September
    (probably our common bloodline, similar maladies)
    so very sorry for your loss.
    This Mothers is day is the first without my Mom on the planet. Feels very strange.

    Am told I radiate like a light bulb…….my theory is my spirit is brighter than my flesh can retain, so what you write makes a lot of sense on a lot of levels.

    And have the most interesting experience I’ve got to jot down for you and Casper….soon. xoxo’s B.

  8. Catherine, I just discovered your blog … you are truly a beautiful and wondrous individual … so happy that my path crossed with yours on my journey … I love how/what you have expressed … I hope that all can embrace your sentiments … thank you for all your sharing … Rachel (Brigid)

  9. Catherine what an uplifting post “We are all winners” 2may11. I just found your post today and now in the month of October I find it just as relevant as when you first posted it. I find the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle to be a interesting book and on page of 46 concerning death a valid point worth repeating “Death is a stripping away of all that is not you.” If you would be so kind as to list some books that have helped you on your spiritual path, it would be much appreciated.
    You are such a lovely shining soul. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. So sorry to hear of the loss of your father.

    1. Monica, thank you for your lovely message. i started reading inspirational books at the age of 18 with Autobiography of A Yogi and The Road Less Travelled and have been an avid reader since then. Two of my all-time faves are The Game of Life and How to Play it and Think and Grow Rich. Most recently i loved Woman by Natalie Angier and The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I am in the middle of writing about my father’s death – as it was such an extraordinary experience for me and i now feel more deeply connected with him than ever.

  10. Who would have thought that one of the World’s greatest beauties and greatest talents possesses such amazing wisdom as well? Catherine , you continue to amaze and enchant the world. Keep writing please, you do it so well, and with such honesty. Brava!

  11. Thank you darling!! I’ve been feeling this for a very long time… Seems like its time for everybody to come “home”.
    Much love to you sweetheart! And welcome to the Awakening 🙂

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